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The Future of Fundraising - Raising Champs

Backing the Hustle.

Raising Champs makes grassroots fundraising easy – no matter what you’re selling or how much you need to raise.

Champ Raiser

I’m a serial fundraiser! I raise the funds for champs and troops.  I do local activities to raise funds for my champ kid, school, team, group or club.


I’m receiving funds to back the activities I’ve worked hard for: events, tournaments, camps and more.


I’m part of the Champs team, I back my champ by purchasing their fundraising products and activities

More Hustle, less hastle.


No more chasing cash.

Turn likes and shares into instant funds with easy online payments.


Raise more, hustle less.

Set up your raise in minutes, and get selling within a few more.


Avoid the hidden costs.

Know exactly how much you need to raise with online cost calculators.


Orders sorted, all in one place.

Stay on top of sales with immediate transactions and simple reporting. 


Easy for backers, easy for you.

No paperwork, no collection chasing, no need for cash.


Go beyond whanau. 

Reach more supporters with easy to share social content.

What our champs say...

“With Raising Champs, you don’t need to chase money any more. Once my backers saw my post, they paid immediately and saved me so much time.”

 Ryah Tui, Champ.

Cashless Raising

Fundraise with ease by accepting all payments online.

Low Fees

We make our money by taking a small percentage of the funds raised.

Heaps of Help

Marketing and fundraising support any time you need it.

Be one of Raising Champs first raisers.